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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond and Gold Limited Edition Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that although small have the uncanny ability to make or break an entire look. Bvlgari’s limited edition read more

Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat Motorcycle

Tough. Lean. Fast. True. Before you stop reading for fear that this is going to turn into an online dating description, hear us out. Read More

Flaunt your glittering nails with Gold Rush nail polish

Hey fashionistas! Here’s an opportunity to for you to be exclusive and look completely glamorous by just flaunting your painted nails. Read More

Flaunt your glittering nails with Gold Rush nail polish

Hey fashionistas! Here’s an opportunity to for you to be exclusive and look completely glamorous by just flaunting your painted nails. Read More

The SmartSub four.2 is the best toy for your superyacht

If you prefer the high seas to flying high, then I bet you have a lot of yachts to fulfil your fantasies. But if you don’t have toys to play with when sailing, it’s time to stock up! Read More

Tiffany and Co. Light Their Christmas Tree in Hong Kong

You know the Christmas season is in full swing when every retail outlet in Hong Kong invites you to their tree lighting ceremony – Tiffany and Co’s was no read more

Bombardier Challenger 300

Bombardier’s Challenger 300 has a range of 3,564 miles, perfect for travel between locations in North America. Read More

Zai Unveils Hand Made Nezza Skis

It is this time of year when I truly miss living in the Rocky Mountains. It is one of the few places you can live in the United States where you actually look forward to read more

Cartier Tank American Diamond Watch

For the most part, feminine accessories dominate the marketplace, but somehow, women’s timepieces seem to get overlooked. Read More

Aston Martin releases updated 2011 Vantage GT4

As a true car nerd, I am excited to hear that Aston Martin is updating one of their beautifully designed cars for 2011. Read More

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

J Craft Unveils New Torpedo R

J Craft, the Gotland, Sweden–based shipyard that builds surprisingly non-Swedish designs, debuted the J Craft Torpedo R at the Monaco Yacht Show read more

McQueen’s Byzantine Queen Skull crocodile box clutch combines history and style

If you’ve waited for Alexander McQueen’s next big surprise, then rejoice, the Byzantine Queen Skull crocodile box clutch doesn’t read more

$3.5 million bottle of tequila

A Mexican distiller has presented what it hopes will become the world’s most expensive tequila, a platinum and diamond-studded bottle of seven-year-old liquor. Read More

Burberry Prorsum Cadet Sling Bag

Christopher Bailey‘s Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2010 show is all about the ‘Cadet Girls’ who follow his ideals of ‘Protect, Explore and Inspire’ read more

Innovative Bathroom Products

Whether unconventional in their materials or in their shape, these innovative bathroom products by Plavisdesign are read more

2010 Bentley GT Speed By Anderson Germany

We may not have heard much about Anderson Germany before this year, but we are definitely getting to know them well now with all of the tuning kits just rolling off of their capable hands. Read More

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aquavista Dinosaur Gold Edition Aquarium

For those who like their pets to be seen and not heard or touched or cleaned up after when they’ve done a number on the new carpet, fish seem like an obvious choice. Read More

Maison Michel and Karl Lagerfeld Photo Exhibition at On Pedder

On Pedder has launched a special photo exhibition featuring iconic head pieces and hats from Paris-based milliner Maison Michel. Read More

Olive O6HD Music Server

If you really, really care about the quality of your digital music collection — and it’s playback — then perhaps you’d be interested in the Olive O6HD Music Server. Read More

Oprah unveils her season finale gift bag for her fans

If you’re an Oprah fan, it’s truly the season to be jolly! With her last season coming to a wrap, Oprah has definitely saved the best for the last! Her ultimate fans were floored read more

The King of all Chinese Teas

The fragrance of State Guest Da Hung Pao tea is said to be so long-lasting. Wu Yi Star Teahouse sells this tea through its chain of 40 stores in greater China. Read More

Baxter Blue Steel “Not A Replica” Straight Razor

Straight razors are serious business. Colonel Kurtz has nightmares about them. Mr. Blonde removes ears with them. Read More

Rolls-Royce Teams Up With Bijan

Male fashion fiends are going to lose their minds when they find out about the new Bijan Rolls-Royce. Read More

Masterpiece Vintage Audio amplifier

As much as high-end audio is essential to a rich musical experience, it’s a habit for those with a penchant for the best. Read More

Birkin bag by Hermes

This gorgeous 35cm Birkin bag by Hermes may be one of the finest handbags ever made. It’s made of matte black Porosus crocodile skin, the most luxurious read more

Domenico Vacca Limited Edition Suit

Don a suit from the new Domenico Vacca Limited Edition collection, and you can feel confident that you will not encounter anyone wearing the same garment. Read More

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nicole Kidman Renting out Minimalist NY Apartment

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban are renting out their gorgeous, minimalist New York apartment for $45,000/month. Read More

Vulcain 50s Presidents’ Alarm Watch

Swiss watch maker Vulcain is (re) releasing a watch with a look from the 1950s called the “50s President’s Watch.” Read More

Fully-Staffed Villas and Catered Chalets for the Ultimate Villa Holiday

When renting a vacation home, there are many options presented to you regarding the services, amenities and locations. Read More

2011 Porsche Cayenne TITAN EVO By SpeedART

We have seen lots of tuning packages for the new generation Porsche Cayenne, including ones from Lumma Design, TechArt, CarGraphic, and Je Design, but this read more

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Luxury Hotels Around the World

The most important element of a vacation, aside from the destination, is the hotel where you spend your downtime. If you’re going to take a true luxury vacation, read more

Cessna’s Citation X Now a Ten

Since 1996, the X model has topped Cessna’s line of Citation jets, holding the “fastest civilian aircraft” title with speeds of more than 600 mph. Read More

A 103-inch 3D TV from Panasonic is up for $111,500

Stereoscopic 3D can make your visual experience a lot more fun, and for the lovers of opulence, the technology read more

Nicole Kidman in Beijing to Launch Omega Watch

It seems to be a frequent occurrence these days for a Hollywood star to fly over to one of China’s major cities to attend a store opening or launch a new product. Nicole Kidman, brand ambassador for Omega, read more

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante will crash the party in LA

Even though the Murcielago ended production earlier this month and its successor won’t begin production for a while, read more

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Maybach’s Vision Quest Sunglasses

Emulating the posh interiors of Maybach cars, the glasses incorporate rarefied materials, including lacquered wood, leather, natural horn, carbon fiber, titanium, and 18-karat white, yellow, and rose gold. Read More

Ralph Lauren’s Limited Edition Delaine Jewelry Box is the perfect Christmas gift

I love Ralph Lauren from the time that they employed Rachael Green on the TV show Friends. But then with the fancy, read more

Junya Watanabe Quilted Hopsack Jacket

This is a clever cross piece for the winter up ahead. The charcoal hopsack jacket from Junya Watanabe has unexpected corduroy trim, flap pockets at the front, and a special camouflage lining. Read More

Juicy Couture’s Diamond J Pull

Just because you’re running around in cozy velour sweats doesn’t mean you can’t be a bit fancy. Read More

Rare Stocks of Glenmorangie & Ardbeg at HK Auction

Falling under the hammer you’ll find Glenmorangie’s highly prized Oloroso 30 Years Old as well as its Margaux Finish Vintage 1987. Read More

Tiffany & Co Celebrates the Blue Book Collection in Beijing

Tiffany & Co celebrated the 2010-2011 Blue Book Collection of magnificent jewels at Beijing’s Forbidden City in grand style. Read More

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tiger Woods’ sparkly new $50 million bachelor pad

If you happen to be a single dude in south Florida and you think you’re going to impress the ladies with your car or your oceanfront condo, read more

Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Cell Phones

Forget about the iPhones, Blackberrys, and Android Phones for a second and take a look at these luxury mobile phones from Tonino Lamborghini. Your smartphones aren’t looking too awesome now, are they? Read More

Riva 92 Duchessa Yacht

number of builders, including some of Riva’s sister companies in the Ferretti Group, are vying for clients interested in the 80- to 120-foot range. Read More

The Only GPS Ski Goggles

Glancing down at a personal fitness monitor while you’re skiing or snowboarding is about as smart as firing off a few texts while flying down the highway. Read More

First Drive: 2012 Iconic AC Roadster

We admit it – we nearly got it wrong. But can you blame us? We’ve seen dozens – nay, hundreds of Shelby Cobra homages and outright knockoffs over the years, and while many of them read more

Famous Homes You Can Own

Not every movie or TV show is shot on a sound stage; some of those exteriors and interiors are real. At any given time, the real estate market has properties that, when given a closer look, are recognizable as more than just private homes read more

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

Series 51 represents Bentley design at its most vibrant. It allows customers of both Continental Flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed to order read more

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Most Expensive Speaker – Ever

We have just discovered “The Signature Titan Speaker from Moon Audio” This one is truly for a millionaire music buff who is ever ready to splurge on some high-tech music speakers. They come with an exceptional price tag of $500,000 for a pair. Read More

Tag Heuer Carrera Tachymeter Mens Watch

Tag Heuer Carrera Tachymeter Watch features an utterly beautiful scratch-resistant face with a little sapphire crystal thrown in read more

Rally Fighter

Like something out of a video game, the Rally Fighter ($59,000) is a custom-designed off-roader that mixes sports car looks with Baja-tested utility. Read More

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ferragamo’s Eco-friendly Footwear

Salvatore Ferragamo has long had a reputation for turning out sophisticated men’s dress shoes made from high-quality leather and skins. Read More

Limited Edition Prestige Presentation Pack celebrates 250th anniversary of Bombay Sapphire gin

Bombay Sapphire will be celebrating the 250th anniversary of its Bombay Sapphire gin which is made using a secret recipe. Read More

Louis Vuitton Celebrates Diwali

From Beirut to Shanghai and from Johannesburg to Oslo, Louis Vuitton stores worldwide will be lit up with elegant displays of traditional Hindu motifs in celebration of the Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights. Read More

Modern 3d Wallpaper by Marburg

This modern 3d wallpaper from Marburg is certainly a far cry from traditional papers or plain old paint. Exotic and exciting, the Colani Tsavo 3d wallpaper collection is inspired by the read more

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adam Sandler’s pricey gifts to pals

Adam Sandler just made Oprah Winfrey look like a cheapskate. Read More

Fascinating Look at A. Lange & Sohne’s Innovations

In many areas of luxury the end consumer is often met with the finished product with little idea of how that product was actually developed the way it was, nor why. Read More

Rare 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB Hits Auction Block

An extremely rare 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB once owned by both Reggie Jackson and Evel Knieval will be hitting the auction block early next year and is expecting to fetch a pretty penny. Read More

Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz prepping C63 AMG Black Series?

his set of spy photos landed in our inbox showing what appears to be a modified version of the giant-slaying Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG prepping for read more

Grado RS1i Reference Series Headphones

There’s an old saying that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. It’s true, in a system of interconnecting pieces read more

Monday, November 8, 2010

Futuristic Fireplace Solaris by Heat & Glo

As the weather cools down, your home is begging for a little physical warmth and lots of hot style to match – in other words, read more

Avantgarde Trio Classico

Found in the desert after a night of strange activity in the skies, the Avantgarde Trio Classico ($190,000) are finally available for sale. Read More

Emporium Armani’s New Beijing Flagship Store Opening

The Armani Group’s new Emporio Armani flagship store in Beijing is located in Sanlitun in a five-storey diamond shaped building that covers an impressive 1,683 read more

Swarovski-Studded Gym Equipment

The VibroGym Diamond VG Evolution is no ordinary gym machine. Not only does this exerciser requires almost no effort read more

1869 Lafite Becomes World’s Priciest Wine in HK

A recent Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong saw an 1869 Ch√Ęteau Lafite-Rothschild become the most expensive wine in the world when it sold for a staggering HK$1.8 million read more

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu Opens its Doors

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu has opened its doors, offering another top class place to stay in Japan’s capital city. Read More

2010 Mercedes SLR McLaren By Rensson

The Mercedes SLR is already out of production, but like all the good carsout there, the interest for it is still very high. And since there were only 1500 units produced, we can see why. Read More

Friday, November 5, 2010

Limited Edition Lacoste Footwear by Zaha Hadid

Lacoste is to release a limited edition footwear capsule collection designed in collaboration with architect Zaha Hadid. Read More

Private Collector offers up rare pieces of art collection to public

All the following art by Picasso, Matisse and Chagall were exhibited at the Fine Arts Society Gallery in New York in 2001. Read More

MARCH LA.B AM 1 Shelby Limited Edition Watches Partner With Automotive Icon

Still very new as a brand, MARCH LA.B timepieces was able to woo Carroll Shelby enough into doing a limited edition collection together. Read More

The $68.9 Million Modigliani

Modigliani is one of those artists that has inspired a cultish fan base. But his paintings have, at most, fetched only modest profits when compared to some of his contemporaries, read more

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 SEMA: Vegas’ Rarest Rides

It is an inevitable phenomenon: when surrounded by a sea of modified vehicles for an extended period of time, they all read more

Exclusive 70 Yr Mortlach Whisky Dinner, Singapore

This November eight diners in Singapore will be given the chance to sample the world’s oldest bottled single malt, the Mortlach 70 Year Old. Read More

Bremont B-1 Marine Clock: The timepiece for your super yacht

British watchmaker, Bremont has unveiled its recent masterpiece, the Bremont B-1 Marine Clock. Made entirely in England, the B-1 Marine clock is read more

Henri Matisse Bronze Sells for $48.8 Million at Christie’s Auction

A 6-foot Henri Matisse bronze of a nude woman seen from behind has been sold for over $48 million in New York City, a record auction price for the artist’s work. Read More

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Latest from Ducati

Part objet d’art, part sport bike, the Ducati Diavel ($17,000 and up) is the latest beauty from the Italian cycle maker. Read More

Steinway & Sons commemorates John Lennon’s 70th birthday with Imagine Series Limited Edition piano

The euphoria the name John Lennon creates even today, years after his death, is proof enough of the musical genius that he was. Read More

Luxury Shaving Cream for Blue-Beards

It’s a struggle for many men around the world. Millions deal with a common problem – tough stubble. Read More

Dior’s Lady Grey Bag

First it was Paris, then New York, then the Dior Cannard showed up in an arresting blue in a Lady Blue Shanghai movie. Read More

The Super Swank BlackLight Billiard Table from Billards Toulet

Talk about swank, this is the ultimate in luxury pool tables from Billards Toulet, a company founded in 1857, was recently launched at the Maison & Objet show in read more

Saddam Hussein’s luxury yacht to go up for sale

Mehdi Ali, director general of the Iraqi Maritime Company, described the yacht’s journey from Europe to Iraq, read more

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A floating cruise luxury hotel for the high seas

If living in the high-seas on your private yacht is not out of your reach, don’t let that get you down. Read More

New Bombardiers Will Be World’s Most Expensive Business Jets

Canadian aviation company Bombardier is aiming to displace Gulfstream as the world’s most expensive business jet with the introduction of two new models. Read More

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Yeniceri Edition by Unicate

Making a Lamborghini Murcielago stand out has to be one of the easiest tasks an aftermarket tuner can undertake. Read More

Cartier Roadster S Watch

With a name like “Roadster S,” you might be expecting a sportier look than you’ll find on the Cartier Roadster S Watch ($3,500) — but that’s okay. Read More

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fendi makes the Peekaboo look fresh with texture and color

The Fendi Peekaboo Tote is getting to that point in its design life cycle where people start impatiently tapping their feet, awaiting the next thing read more

$400K dream home costs couple $6 million

By their own admission, Mark Feldberg and Emilyn Page aren’t the easiest people to work with. And when it came to building their new home, the couple knew read more

Baby Suommo Cots Bring Style To The Nursery

Baby Suommo from Spain offers luxury baby cribs which could be mistaken for designer furniture pieces. Read More

Gillet Vertigo .5 Spirit

Gillet automobiles has unveiled the new Vertigo .5 Spirit sports car. The new model is described by the company “pleasure of driving sensations read more

3D Glasses Go Gaudy with Gucci

Hey, Oakley. Gucci sees your $150 3D glasses and raises you a designer label and $75. Read More

GTO London offers everything but the Prancing Horse

Ferrari is as much a lifestyle entity as an auto manufacturer, putting its name on everything fromwristwatches to theme parks. Read More

Limited Edition Personalisable Speiron Olive Oil

Speiron has released a very special, limited edition olive oil which is personalisable and priced at €11,000. Read More

Danish Zenvo ST1 Gets Priced at $1,225,000

The Zenvo ST1 and Dartz Kombat are coming the to U.S., both brought to you by Indiana importer Red Sea Distribution. The Danish-made coupe will set you back $1,225,000. Read More

New Luxury Boutique Hotel in Midtown Manhattan Offers A Unique Design Statement

Cassa Hotel and Residences, located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, boasts 165 elegantly designed rooms. Offering a boutique hotel experience of sophisticated style and read more