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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I read recently that people are downsizing the size of the homes they are purchasing. Is a smaller home better? It is less expensive in most cases. I often go back and forth on if I would like a smaller house than I have currently. Sometimes I think it would be great to have a nice little house that was easy to keep up and manage. But then I remember I have three kids and realize how crowded it would be if my house were smaller. Now one way that I would be happier to have a smaller house is based on location. Living on a lake or ocean for example. I could downsize to have those views out my front door or window. As always, I would like to get your thoughts on the matter and see what you think.

Friday, August 27, 2010

4 Door Sports Cars-viable?

Many manufactures are introducing the 4-door sports car. The question is, are people going to buy them? Are they willing to spend $200k (give or take) on a car that can take the family 0-60 in under 5 seconds? There were many that thought the Porsche Cayenne was a bad idea and it has gone on to be their largest volume seller.